The hardest tests are the ones we deny ourselves. Not because they are actually hard, but because we push them so far out of our reach that it hurts to travel so far to retrieve them.

You are so afraid that you will not be good enough that you purposefully fail so that you will be permitted to give up.

You are terrified of going backwards and you are terrified of going forwards and yet you are not stuck because life is going forward whether you permit it or not.

So now you get to choose.

Give yourself permission to take what is rightfully yours, get organised so you have some sense of control and embrace the changes around you,

Or, Suffer.

You can be a mother at 70kg or you can be a mother at 90kg. Either way it is happening.

You choose.

You can have the highest level of qualification or you can regret not being organized.

You choose.

You can put up with a bad situation and suffer for it, or you can stop being scared, stop playing it safe, embrace the changes that are coming and whole heartedly dive in.

You choose.

All of these experiences can be magical depending on how you allow yourself to receive them.

You do not need to be sick to enjoy these changes, as life does not accept your excuses.

Life will not go easy on you because you are sick or because you deserve it. You have to choose to meet life on your feet, not on your knees or face planted on the ground.

The ocean waves do not stop coming because you have wiped out, and you cannot expect them to.

It is not the world’s job to change around you or to accommodate you, it is your job to change and adapt to your circumstances.

You can give up and be wiped out by each and every wave or you can damn well get up and learn to surf!

Even though it’s cold and wet and difficult, when you have learned how to do it you will love it. Nothing will be out of your reach and every test will become easy.

It’s your life. It’s your choice.

The only way to fight fear is with action.

You are only afraid of what you want.

What you want is worth fighting for.

You can have it all and hate it or you can have it all and love it.

Your choice.

You choose.

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