What If You Were Actually Serious?

Often times we spend our days fantasizing about what we would like life to be like. We think, this year […]

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Less Fight, More Joy. Living An Authentic Life

I used to think that I had to conquer the world. In order to ‘make it’ or to be a […]

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How To Stop Running Away From Being A Parent

The truth is that we spend hours a day trying to avoid being a parent. We look for excuses to […]

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Children Learn Through Watching and Listening To You

Children more than ever need to know that we are in charge. They have a basic innate need to know […]

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Personal Integrity

Sometimes in our busy lives it is possible to get side tracked, over whelmed, manipulated or swayed by those around […]

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Post-Traumatic Growth

Letting go of the need to control without losing your ability to plan and dream. Sometimes we feel that we […]

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Where Has All The Solitude Gone?

We live in the connected age. Everyone is contactable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We feel entitled […]

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Assisting The Creative Process

Children do not let us just use one faculty. They expect more from us and they know that they use […]

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Simplicity and Weight Loss

The body prioritizes the most important tasks. Initially survival and coping with injury and illness come first and then comes […]

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Remembering What Life Is Actually About

Sometimes in our search for wisdom we forget what we are actually here to do and simple as it is […]

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