Don’t let anyone or anything feed off your family. Don’t let anyone or anything feed off your soul.

Be clear that you are no dying carcass, that you are strong and healthy and vital, and that your energy is your own.

Do not be a parasite to others. Do not cling and suck and be jealous.

I take and I give. I reap and I sow. I open and I close. This is my life, my power and my time. So be it.  So be it. So be it.

Do not allow your children to become parasites. This is not good for them or anyone they come in contact with.

Help them to empower themselves. Help them to walk away from those things that compel them to forfeit responsibility.

Be responsible to them but do not be responsible for them.

Children need to be children. They need to laugh and have fun and play, but they also need to have responsibilities to this world and so do the adults.

As adults we need to take care of our responsibilities first and then have fun, laugh and play, not the other way around.

When the world is running smoothly and things are on track we all enjoy ourselves.

Do not allow yourself to get addicted to anyone or anything. If you do, you become the parasite.

Do not put up with those who drain your energy and leave you feeling angry, flat or depressed.

Manage your energy people! Tidy up after yourselves emotionally.

Take responsibility for your mess and tidy it up. When we pick up after ourselves the world is a nicer place to live and work in.

No one wants to trip over someone else’s stuff and no one wants to get hit with other people’s emotional baggage. So work on it, deal with it and do something about it, and expect the same of others.

No one wants to know what you had for breakfast. Maintain some privacy and dignity. Share what’s important but don’t pour yourself all over other people. It’s uncomfortable.

And for those who never share, never open up to others, come on! Give it a go. Start making a contribution. We need more than spam on the airways or we just become a planet of Ads.

Let’s create a world of value and meaning.

Let’s take responsibility for our thoughts, feelings and actions, and start growing a world that is decent, and that we can be proud of. Let’s stop sucking the life out of each other and start growing strong on positivity.

It is possible and it tastes a lot better than what you had for breakfast today!

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