I Don’t Have Time

There is always time for the things that are important.

If there are things in your life that are important to you and you are not getting to enjoy them, then you need to seriously rethink what you are doing with your time.

You are the boss of you. Not your job, your partner, your kids, your house or your pets.

We all have limitations. Things that slow us down, get in the way, distract us, or just generally create havoc, but ultimately we are the ones who decide what is important to us and where we spend our time.

If you don’t feel like the boss of you it’s time to ask who is? And why?!

Where did you just spend the last 3 hours? Was it engaged in a really meaningful and important endeavour? If the answer is yes, then you do have time, and if the answer is no, then you do have time.

Time is sneaky. It stretches and contracts and sometimes disappears all together.

We are often so passive with time that it runs amok like a child with no parent. In order to gain value and meaning from life and to do what is important we need not to manage time but to master it.

Time’s greatest trick is that it is waiting. Waiting for someone to come along and claim it. Time likes to muck around and play tricks on us but works hard when it is mastered.

Become the master of your own time. Bend it, stretch it and use it to your advantage. Be clear with time as to what you expect from it. Fill it in with only the important things and it will be proud to mould and bend to your will. Fill it with cheap and irrelevant pursuits and it will run away from you.

Do not let time dictate what you will do, but rather be aware of time and use it to your advantage.

Take those small minutes and turn them into something enjoyable and productive.

Use your good memories from time’s past and happy dreams from time’s future to fill your now with joy.

A happy time means a happy you.

Master time and you will have all the time in the world to enjoy what is important.

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