Creating A Legacy

Love, it is important, and some would argue that it’s all there is, but how do we live a life of love? How do we actually express it in our daily actions? How do we truly communicate to someone how much we love them and how much we care, without overwhelming them or smothering them?

In our hearts we hold so much love, but sometimes it feels like it’s locked up. Somewhere in there, is the key to releasing it and sharing it. Somewhere in there, is the key to understanding. On some level we know that we would not seek something that is impossible, so we know that we must be able to find the answer somehow.

We come into this world with a unique calling and I believe that we have lost the keys to unlocking it. We are waiting for it to be presented to us, as we are used to having everything at our finger tips. Let’s be honest if the laptop takes more than 30 seconds to load we are already over it!

I think though, that we have forgotten to be persistent, and we have forgotten to give life a go. We are all striving to have the most comfort and entertainment in our lives, and we have forgotten that sometimes we need to work for these things in order to appreciate them.

Where in your life are you truly inspired? Where in your life are you working hard and enjoying the labour? What are you creating in your life that will last longer than a few minutes, months or years?

In days of old, people built empires with the intention that their legacy would live on. Today we build houses, cars, technology and tools that are designed to self-destruct in a minimum of time. We do not do this to be environmentally friendly mind you, as these things are often not recyclable. We do this because we get bored, want to upgrade or because the manufacturers want us to buy more.

We live in a consume and throw away, society, and we are treating our bodies and our lives the same way. We have developed an attitude that we are here for a good time, and not a long time, and we build a future to last 3-5 years before we decide to dispose of it and build a different one.

What is this doing to our world? What sort of stability is this providing for our children and our loved ones?

We have lost the art of determination and persistence. We have forgotten how to focus. Instead of training ourselves to get these things back, we decide that we will play and enjoy ourselves until we find our purpose. We associate purpose with hard work so we wait for someone to present it to us, rather than taking the initiative to seek it for ourselves. What we don’t realise is that when we have purpose in our lives, we can love, work, play, enjoy ourselves and create a legacy that will last forever.

Take some time today to consider what legacy you would like to create. Consider some ways that you can build some permanency in your life. Consider how you express love, and how you want others to remember you, now, today and in the future.

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