2014 is the year of life coming together. This is the year of putting aside the past, forgiving life for being so hard on you and for choosing not to be angry at your circumstances anymore. This is the year for consolidating your energy and living simply with great satisfaction.

This is the year for getting back to basics and clearing out your physical possessions, getting your physical body fit and strong and adjusting your attitude so that you are confident, strong and mentally focused.

This is the year when you stop selling your future and instead, focus on increasing the power of your income to support you in the present, to preserve your future and to balance debts from the past.

This is the year of discovering the lifestyle that has eluded you in the last few years. It does not involve great expense but it does involve great enjoyment.

This is truly going to be a wonderful year.

If this is the kind of year that you would also like to have, then the articles to come will be worth looking at. This year we will be discussing these topics in greater detail, with the aim to inspire you to make positive changes in your life and be all that you want to be.

The first Article in this series is called Stop Selling your Future. It makes us aware of all the ways that we book ourselves up and commit ourselves financially, physically and emotionally. It puts a different spin on time and financial management and gives practical ways to clean up the past and save for your future by giving yourself a far more enjoyable and satisfying present.

So Stop Selling Your Future When you buy on credit you are always a month behind. The money that comes in is already allocated to covering last month’s expenses that weren’t paid for because last month you used your income to pay for the previous months expenses.

Putting things on credit ensures that you will always be behind. You will always be obligated to keep working more and more because you are paying not only for the cost of the things that you purchased but also interest or a credit surcharge on purchases. Even if you pay it off at the end of each month you will still not be ahead.

When you get up to date and break this cycle you will find that your money has more power. When you pay for things on the spot, in cash, you do not have to think about it again. You will not be working hard to pay for takeaway dinners from 3 months ago.

When you reverse this, the work you did in the past will be paid in the future. The thoughts you had in the past will come into fruition in the future and the savings that you are accruing will protect you in the future.

When you decide to live in the present you still have some cleaning up to do of the past and some preparation to do for the future, but most of your time can be spent enjoying what you are doing right now.

When you give yourself permission to live in the present you appreciate life more. You are not always thinking about what has to be done next or where you are going in the next minute. You have planning time for that. There is time that you have put aside to take care of those details. For now you are free to enjoy the experience of being.

When you live in the present but allocate enough time to the past, then you have a space for cleaning things up and getting things in order. This is the time for completing projects from the past. Tidying up and cleaning out old paperwork and de-cluttering is no longer a hassle because once you have taken care of it, it is done. It is finished and you will not have to do this again.

As you allocate time to the future, you make the time to dream and plan and visualise how you would like your life to be. You can be inspired and set goals and get your systems and philosophies in place. Putting in place good plans in your future time makes for a much more pleasant present.

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