Pick Up After Yourself

When you do not pick up after yourself you are announcing that you don’t care anymore and that you do not respect yourself or those around you.

This may be the case and if it is, it needs to be dealt with more directly but, if it is not the case then your behaviour is communicating the wrong message.

When we don’t pick up after ourselves it is often because something lacks a home or we have too much stuff.

We need to respect our stuff and to care for it.  If we are unable to do this then we need to pack it away or get rid of it.

Kids are infinitely creative but we keep wanting them to switch it off.  We buy them lots of toys with a specific purpose and we discourage creative pursuits.
Get rid of these things.  Your children will not be bored with 5 toys each and 5 shared toys.  Try it and judge for yourself.

Involve them and see how much fun they can have with this adventure.

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