Give Me A Go!

Have you ever looked at what someone else was doing and achieving and wished that you could do something similar? Have you ever looked at someone with great talent or resources and felt that they were wasting it all by not using them to their full potential, or even worse not using them at all?

Have you ever found yourself thinking ‘Give me a go! If I had that talent or that ability I would appreciate it and value it, and use it to its full potential?’

Well now is the time. We each have our own unique talents and abilities but we do not recognise them because they come so naturally to us.

Those who are good at maths do not think that they are good at maths; it’s just that it is not a problem to them.

Great ideas and great potentials are sprinkling from the heavens on a second by second basis and there is always room for these potentials in the world. The universe looks for people who are prepared to take an opportunity and run with it. You do not have to be ‘special’ or ‘chosen’ to make the most of yourself, you just need to be willing to turn up and say “Give me a go! I could do that!”

The more people that plant the ideas that fall from the sky, the more beautiful our world becomes.

So, make the most of yourself. Make the most of the things that you don’t think much about because they come easily and naturally. Being good at something is not always about practice and hard work. If you like to cook then cook, if organising is your talent then use it. Believe it or not there are millions of people out there who can’t do what you can do and there are just as many people out there who wouldn’t want to!

Life is not a competition, it is an opportunity!

Make the most of what you already have, and then be committed to catching, nurturing and claiming the opportunities that come to you.

Be one of the ones who does appreciate the opportunities they have been given, be one of the ones who does use their talents and skills to make a difference.

Instead of watching others change the world, get out there and give it a go for yourself!

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