The Real World

When you believe in the illusion that is the ‘real world’ you lose not only your hopes and your dreams but you lose yourself.

We have all of these rules and ideas about what it means to be successful, and yet isn’t being true to yourself and believing in yourself more important?

If you do not know what your purpose is, at least be open to the idea that you have one. 9-5 jobs, climbing an imaginary career ladder might not be it.

Is it not more important to make an impact in the world, to be able to speak freely and with a clear voice? Is it not more important to find out everything you can about yourself and what makes you, you, and then seek to be the best you that you can be?

When other people expect you to conform to the beliefs of an old, out-dated world, it is OK to say no. It is OK to productively occupy yourself whilst you discover more of who you are. It is OK to share your life with others and accept that others are just trying to find themselves too.

So, do not seek to justify yourself to anyone. Do not seek to please those who force you into conventional roles. Allow your true, honest, real, self to shine through.

Do not stop dreaming, do not stop hoping and do not stop searching for the life that you know is hiding just beyond ‘the real world.’

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