When you undergo a personal transformation you begin to see the world as distinctly different to the way you did before. There may be a clear separation between your old life and your new one.  It is a chance to start fresh, to learn new ways of thinking, feeling and acting in the world.

For some of you it may involve significant changes in your work or your health or in your relationships.  This is part of life.

Although you may have struggled to let go of this old world it is nothing compared to the struggle that others will be going through, trying to keep you the same. They are terrified that they are losing you. They may see the new you as inferior or broken and will do what they can to get you ‘back to normal’.

Being pulled back into the old world and your old self may feel frustrating and make you angry but remember that the people around you don’t realize that you needed to change or they really would have lost you.

During this new phase of life, begin to experience the world again. Enjoy the way food tastes and pay attention to how your body feels. Try new interests and get out in nature.

The more you get to know this new self the more comfortable you will feel about developing new skills.

A transformation or major change in your life allows you to develop skills from what you used to consider your weaknesses.

In many ways you are like an elite athlete who trains heavily in one area or for one event. You have become truly exceptional in this area and have been exceeding even your own expectations however, now that you have mastered those skills it is time to develop a new set.

When the athlete decides to retire or pull back from their careers, they leave a lot of disappointed people in their wake and they often feel lost and out of their comfort zones as they realize that they don’t know how to cook or sleep in or truly relax.

What is needed is time and space and if nurtured and supported they emerge again as role models and inspirations in other ways.

If you are transforming know that others are not really trying to sabotage you, they just want things back the way things were.

However, the caterpillar cannot turn back into the caterpillar once it is transformed into the butterfly. It can fondly remember its old life but not at the cost of living the new life.
Now is a time of embracing the new you, your new thoughts, feelings and interests.

It’s a time for learning and study and seeing what you can do in a new area. In time you may find that others love and respect and enjoy the company of the butterfly just as much.

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