Total Commitment

Today I was asked to consider the concept of Total Commitment. On the surface I would have said sure, I’m totally committed to my children and my family, myself and my work etc. but then I really stopped myself and questioned it. I realised that I have not been totally committed to anything lately.

Total commitment actually means no excuses, no ambivalence, no anxiety and no thought of failure. I have to honestly say that going by these measures I have not been totally committed to anything in a long, long time.

We think that total commitment is hard but in fact it is only the contemplating of whether you will commit that is hard. Once you make a clear firm decision it is easy.

Total commitment takes great courage and is not something that you undertake lightly but should you choose this path consciously and of your own free will it will help you to fly.

Now is the time to ask yourself what are you going to totally commit to, without hesitation or self doubt or excuses. What right now is of greatest and uncompromising importance? What will you commit to totally, irrespective of what others think?

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