The World Needs You

Solid, firm, loving, clear foundations. These are the ingredients to a resilient and fulfilled life. We are always seeking to provide this stability to our loved ones to make life better for them, but what about for ourselves?

Are you are good partner to yourself? Do you listen when you speak? Do you hear what you have to say without judgement? Do you work with yourself to fulfil your deepest dreams?

We all want to be loved and respected and there is always a little bit of us that wants to be admired. When you squash that bit of yourself you become closed down and defensive. You do not want to be around others because you do not want to get interested again. You want the safety and protection of the womb where you can be a hermit in comfort and familiar territory.

But guess what? The world needs you. No matter how burnt out or disillusioned you have become. No matter how much your confidence has depleted and no matter how out of control the world seems to have become.

We don’t want to live in this world anymore, but this does not mean that we don’t want to live. We have outgrown the politics and the conflict and the pettiness of this world. We have grown weary of the gossip and the backstabbing and the showing off that seems to occur everywhere, pretty much all of the time.

We long to create loving, stable friendships but not feel obliged to connect with others all the time. We long for the peace of time out and time away without being considered weird or strange.

If these feelings resonate with you then you are ready for a new world, a world that is smoother, and calmer and truly lovely. A world that is inspiring and gentle and strange in all the right ways. You are looking for a land that is offbeat and a little bit quirky but absolutely protective, natural and oddly familiar. You are looking for a dream world where good things can be created instantly and the bad things get stopped before they appear. A world in which we can have our childhoods back, all the good bits and we can trust that our children are able to have this too.

And guess what? We can have it. We can have this new world that so many of us are longing for, but we need to create it. We cannot just hope anymore we need to take action to make this world better. We need to put aside our own judgments and pettiness and reach for something deeper. We have dreamed and imagined long enough and now we need to get out into the world with our skills and our talents and make things happen.

We need to stop questioning ourselves and our worth and just get in and give it a go, whatever it is that we want to try. The old world is gone and we are in charge of the new world. We can stand back and let the rough heads jump in and lead us or we can stand up and get on with what we are here to do.

Be a hermit crab and hide for a bit, but make sure you stick your head out every now and again and get some movement and action happening or else you will just become a rock.

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