Releasing Worry, Stress and Anxiety

The trick that trips us up is that we all think that worry and stress and anxiety are normal.  We all accept it as part of everyday life and yet it does not need to be.  Worry and stress and anxiety are created in our minds.  It is not real.

Holding onto these feelings is like trying to hold balloons underwater.  It takes a lot of energy and concentration and creates struggle.  Letting go however does not have to be hard at all.  You simply choose to let go.  It is not until your hands are free that you realise the effect that holding these feeling has had. Of course life may be difficult and challenging and sometimes down right impossible but you will feel better and be far more productive if you let go of the balloons and free yourself up to received the resources you need.

Take a few moments now to think of all the balloons that you are holding down.  Label each one in your mind if you can. The balloon could be a feeling or a situation.

Now consciously choose to let go of these balloons and visualise them bobbing up to the top of the water and floating away.

Notice that, as your burdens are lifted that you yourself feel lighter and are able to float, swim or stand freely in the water, refreshed and renewed.

Notice how you feel; if you feel anxious about letting go of your worries then imagine a balloon labelled anxiety over letting go of worries and then let that go.


Allow yourself to feel relaxed and free.

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