We each have our own cup of success. Your cup has your name on it and it is related to your unique attributes and abilities. No one else is able to take your cup. It is yours and yours alone. It waits just for you. The great travesty is not that someone else might take it, but that you might go your whole life without taking it for yourself.

People by their very nature are competitive and jealous. While some people thrive on this, many of us seek to avoid these situations, and so we forfeit our desire for success. We only realise how much of ourselves we have given up when we see others claiming their success and we feel angry, jealous or resentful. We automatically ask ourselves ‘what makes them so special? It’s not fair, they have it easy’. We begin to make excuses as to why we have not achieved our own success and blame ourselves or others for this perceived ‘failure’.

Our level of frustration and anger is directly proportional to our sense that we could do or achieve the same level of success ourselves.

For example if you aspire to complete a marathon and have been training for this but not confident to enter and a friend goes out and does it, you may feel very frustrated that you could have done this yourself and that you ‘should’ have done it yourself.

The frustration may be less if you are not athletic at all but you just generally wish that you could be successful not necessarily at the same thing.
So what do we do about these normal but difficult feelings?

The easy answer is that we make a choice. We either let our feelings affect our friendships and relationships or, we inspire ourselves to seek our own success.
When we feel envious it can actually be transmuted into an energy of inspiration.

We need to acknowledge that these are our issues. Other people do not need to stop being successful just because it might affect us and we in return do not need to avoid success because it might affect other people’s feelings towards us.

When we accept our own abilities and talents then we no longer need to receive these jealous messages. When we feel successful, the success of others becomes something that is welcome and embraced.

What this means is that your inner self is calling. It is saying let’s do it for ourselves! We can do it and we deserve to do it.

When we are angry we are propelled to stand up and say ‘no more’ I choose to do things differently. I will not put up with my life the way it is. I am going to go out and get what I want!’

This is a brilliant energy to work with.

Through our experience as we live, learn and grow, we change. We develop different skills, talents and abilities and we unlock within ourselves potentials that can now be accessed.


You may find that when your circumstances change that you can now access other options. Remember and embrace this. Check in with yourself regularly to see what you can do now.

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