When we dream bigger, aim higher and sing louder we open up a world that we had forgotten. We begin to understand that it is the dream that erases our lethargy.  It is the dream that returns to us our purpose, our desire and our destiny and it is the dream that ensures our prosperity and good health.

By remembering to dream big you unlock your potential, your wonder and your sense of self esteem.  By aiming high you respect yourself, you respect and value the contributions of others and you make a difference.

We live in an incredible world, a planet full of endless possibility and yet we feel so small.  This feeling of powerlessness leads to depression, frustration and rage.

Those who lash out at others do so in an effort to feel heard, to feel that they matter and that they can make an impact.

When no one notices the good deeds the only way to send a message seems to be through bad.

The solution to this is not more violence, vengeance and horror, the solution is to listen and hear that things need to change.  We cannot live this way anymore.

We have discovered, in technology, a medium where we can talk.  We can share our thoughts and feelings but we have forgotten that communication is two way and we are discovering that we are talking and no one listens.

We have learnt to say a lot but not convey what we truly mean and we have learnt to judge more quickly and more harshly than ever before.

We have learnt to jump in on discussions out of context and to be an expert on things that we do not fully understand.

We have learnt to participate for the sake of participating and in doing so we have become distant and separated from ourselves.

We no longer know what we like; we just know what will get liked.  We have become like kindergartners desperate to show what we did today and get approval for it.

But why have we all reverted to being children again? Why do we play favourites and tease and bully and act and speak with out thinking? Why is it that our children at 2 and 3 are demonstrating more moral values and more understanding and empathy than all of us grown ups?

Where did things go wrong and how can we use this technology to our benefit?

We are behaving like children with no parents.  Revelling in the freedom to say whatever we want when ever we want without regard to others and while we do this we are creating a generation of children without parents.

A generation of children who cannot look their parents in the eye because their eyes are elsewhere; a generation of children that has to wait because their parents cannot, a generation of children without love because their parents are too busy for it, not because of work but because of the addiction to technology.

Technology is wonderful but is it time for an intervention?  We don’t want to hear that we have become lost or that we might need to change because we are happy, right?  We like to live this way; we love the way things are, don’t we?  Well, we don’t remember any other way now do we?

We don’t need to go backwards and we don’t need to give up the wonders of the world but lets just think for a moment, with our own hearts and our own minds, about the impact that our technology has on our minds and our families and our communities.  When we switch off and become consumed with filling in our time, nothing gets better.  Things fall apart around us and get harder to repair but nothing gets better.


Do not give up your technology but remember to dream.  You may surprise yourself at how satisfying your dreams may become.


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