Simplicity and Weight Loss

The body prioritizes the most important tasks. Initially survival and coping with injury and illness come first and then comes recovery, physical health and then weight loss.

This is important because if you want to lose weight effectively you know the steps to make it happen. When your body is inflamed it prioritizes this response. If you have a body that is often inflamed you never seem to get into the good health stage.

You can reduce the level of inflammation in your body by reducing your carbohydrate, sugar and dairy intake as well as other foods that are inflammatory for your individual system.

You can tolerate these things better if you are not constantly bombarded with them. Whilst you may not worry too much because, you can handle the discomfort, you are slowing down your recovery and consequently your weight loss.

Help your body to operate efficiently by giving it small doses of vitamins and minerals that it can process easily and by increasing your hydration levels. Replace carbohydrates with protein and when you do have a meal with carbohydrates make the portion size small.

This is easy to do with forward planning and forward thinking. You are trying to help the body reset itself so that it can feel vital again. When you deny your body’s needs it flares up. When your gastric system is involved then your heart can become involved because of the proximity of the nerve system.

A good rule of thumb is that any food that you do not enjoy raw but don’t mind cooked is not safe for you to eat. For example if you eat tomato in every form except raw and if you eat cheese regularly but only if it is melted. These foods are not good for you.

The same goes for meat. If you would not eat it cooked without any seasoning added because you do not like the taste then it is not good for you. If you think it tastes fine but is just very bland then this is ok but if you turn up your nose to it then it should be eliminated from your diet.

Any food that results in gastric discomfort should not be ingested even if you feel that it is a normal typical harmless food. In the times when we were not so distracted we would not accept any food that gave us pain. It was instantly removed from the diet. This was the most simple way to ensure good health.

Any food that leaves you coughing or clearing your throat regularly should be avoided. This may seem harsh but usually bad foods leave a residue on the oesophagus that leads to irritation.

These may not be signs that you are allergic but they are signs that the food is not good for you.

Think about how the food will end up in your stomach. If you would not be prepared to drink it through a straw then it is probably not very good for you. A wonderful example of this is found on the UK TV program ‘Junk Food Mums’ where a Midwife blends up some fruit and vegetables and gets the young mum to take a sip. She does this without hesitation. She then gets a big mac burger some chips and a can of coke and puts them in the blender. She asks the expectant mother to drink it, which she refuses to do. The Midwife then declares that this is what she is feeding to her unborn child several times a week. It makes you think.

Our bodies have become either switched off to the threat of unnatural foods or hypersensitive to these threats. We need to help our bodies by not overloading them with things that make us sick and that consequently increase the rates of inflammation in the body.

Hydration is essential for clearing out the digestive tract effectively and this promotes simple weight loss. Good fibre intake is also essential and can be obtained through a supplement if you are not getting it through your vegetables.

Observe your toileting habits. You should be going to the toilet on the hour if you are drinking enough water and you should be clearing your bowels completely if you are getting enough fibre and enough hydration. You should not finish on the toilet feeling that your bowels are still holding onto something.

When you begin to hydrate yourself you switch on the bodies thirst mechanism. This is usually shut down because we have stopped responding to it. When you begin drinking more water you find that you start to feel thirsty and your lips may even dry out. This is because your body is finally getting the hydration it needs in the right area so it can afford to send it where it is needed. As you eradicate your chronic dehydration your brain begins to think better, your hair and nails become strong and your skin becomes clear.

After you have detoxed your system through adequate hydration and the right balance of vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids your system starts to regulate itself effectively and automatically begins to drop weight down into a healthy range. This is not simply from eating less; it is from not putting allergens and toxins into your body to break down.

This has a flow on effect on the whole body as your kidney and liver are not having to work as hard to process toxins and instead can focus upon the task of stabilization and regeneration. This takes time but it is worth the effort and it will absolutely increase your life span.

You may find yourself getting cranky and irritable whilst doing this, however stick with it if you can. This is not about the irritability due to detoxing it is the hyperactivity of the body reactivating. Remember you have been essentially drugging your body with bad food and sedating it. When you change the way you eat the body begins to come alive again. This is an unexpected feeling that may take you by surprise. Some may even sabotage themselves at this point as the mind begins to feel that it is no longer the boss. Make sure that you continue to meditate and self-talk through this period so that the brain is soothed and reminded that it is ok to take a step back, to use less of the available resources and to let the body gain in strength and stamina.

If you can allow this process to happen the brain and the body will begin speaking again as equals and will begin working together in alignment with the plan set out by the spirit. When you allow your spirit to take the lead and the body and mind to support a greater plan, this is when true miracles occur.

This is when health problems or psychological stresses seem to magically disappear. This is when the attitude naturally improves and you begin to see the world in a more positive light. Now with more energy and, more importantly, with a purpose to guide you, you seem to have all the time in the world to do your work and still have time to laugh, play and enjoy life to the fullest. The anxieties that once plagued you are gone and all that remains are the fruits of your labour, a very happy state of affairs indeed.

So do not despair and do not give up. Start simply and allow one habit to lead to another habit and then another and another and eventually you will not even realise how the change came about. It just is. You can then apply the same process to other areas of your life with even quicker success, fueled by the fact that your body performs better now and your mind is clearer now.

When your mind is clearer you suddenly see all of the ways in which you have been sedating yourself and all of the things in your life which are just an illusion. It is then possible for you to let go of that which no longer serves you and to transform the relationships in your life that are truly important so that they are in line with your highest good.

None of these things are unpleasant or hard because all of the other steps you have put in place have made these things easy.

When you consistently choose the simple life, these things become easy.