Assisting The Creative Process

Children do not let us just use one faculty. They expect more from us and they know that they use all three all the time and they are better for it. When we observe children and we say ‘I don’t know where they get their energy from’ it is not because they are young, it is because they engage all of their faculties (mind, body and spirit) at once and rest them frequently. They play and then stop. They run and then stop, they talk (use their brain) and then well, not so much stop, but they do spurts of activity followed by spurts of less vigorous activity and then they switch off completely for a bit (TV). When they sleep they may dream but they do so in a healing capacity. They experience great satisfaction through their productivity and are not exposed to the hours of constant worry that we, their parents are, for maintaining the essentials of life. It is not age that dictates energy it is the way we co-ordinate our brain, body and spirit.

When our attention is split so is our satisfaction. We think that there is not enough time in the day and so we tend to get as many things done at once as we can. People often comment that they have their best ideas in the shower. This is not because they are multitasking it is because they can access mind, body and spirit at the same time without the distraction of their smart phone. Generally the ones, who say this, shower alone, they do it without distraction, they do it with the door shut and they take their time. These are all factors that assist with the creative process.

What is a little frightening is that this is sometimes the only time in someone’s day that all of these criterion’s are met. If we have our greatest insight in the 10-15 minutes a day that we set the right conditions, imagine how our lives might be if we maintained these conditions for longer periods, minus the running water and the nakedness.

If we made the time to be creative I wonder how many of our day to day problems and irritations could be minimised or even solved. I wonder how our daily lives may be different or better and I wonder how this role modelling to our children would impact on their ability to do amazing things.

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