Remembering What Life Is Actually About

Sometimes in our search for wisdom we forget what we are actually here to do and simple as it is we just need a bit of reminding. So with that in mind here it is:

Just to rehash for you. Your reason for living is to love yourself and love others. You are here to understand your own self-worth which is infinite. You have forgotten this and it is time to remember. No more doubt and no more fear. You are here to experience connection with others and to your purpose.

As far as practical day to day life, you are clearing and cleaning out your time, your things, your body, your mind and your emotions so that you have more energy and power to invest in what you are here to learn about.

When you simplify your life you understand with more clarity. Simplicity is designed to give you more time, not to distract you. You do not live simply for the sake of it; you live simply so that you are free to focus on what is important to you.

Time is important and you want to get your work out into the world but if you do this with a negative frame of mind then you are only sharing negativity. Wait until you are in a good space and then work on the projects that are important to you.

Nurture yourself. If you are too hard on yourself it shows in your body. Why do you have to put so much on your to do list? In life you can be productive by taking things slowly and mindfully. Practice this and you will begin to understand.

Enjoy the quiet times and enjoy the louder times. All are normal parts of life experience.

Rest is going to the library or reading for enjoyment not for change. Rest is enjoying a warm drink with a friend or loved one or going for a walk. These are the things that will refresh you.

Do not be angry with the world. The world is not picking on you.

Simply start again. Do not over commit yourself. Focus on one change at a time and stop researching. All of this information becomes an addiction and an opportunity for you to avoid the practice.

When you sit to meditate you should meditate. Close your eyes and follow your breath as it goes in and out, in and out. This is all that you need to do. You do not need a guided meditation or special music, simply you and the breath. That is all.

Drink your water with love and compassion. Accept and welcome the water into your body. Your body will thank you for it.

Eat little. This seems difficult at first but will pay great dividends for mental clarity. When your digestive process is clear and your body has adequate nutrition then its focus is on settling down and healing the rest of the body. If your body is constantly fighting to clear the toxins that are going into the body the healing process is slowed significantly. Remember this is not about going hungry and this is not specifically about losing weight. It is simply about eating when it is time to eat and giving the body ample time to digest and then not eating when it is time to do other things. This is not a punishment and there is no need for sabotage? If you are hungry then eat but attempt to eat those things that are easy to digest.

Walk mindfully and slowly. Use your body and focus on your body posture. When you are aware of your posture you can correct it. You become strained and develop pain from poor posture. When you are aware of your posture you can strengthen it and you will understand how and why to strengthen yourself.

Your mind has been conditioned to judge yourself and others. You need to train your mind not to judge. When you are mindful you can catch yourself in the act and put the judgments aside. You can learn to just drop it or to just stop. Have a key word to remind you. Let it go or stop, are both useful. Do not analyze why you thought what you thought, do not justify or self-critique, just let it go. Each critical thought is a weight that you have picked up. These weights are not necessary for you to hold and they serve no purpose. You do not need to discuss why you need to put something heavy down, just put it straight down and do not strain yourself. Do this often enough and you will be conditioned to observe without judgment and to act with right mind.

Conduct is important. Conduct yourself in a way that brings honour to humanity. Be kind and compassionate and treat others with respect. Walk away from those who do not respect you but do not let these people become a weight. Take care of yourself and your environment. Do not give too much of yourself to others, give wisely according to what causes the least suffering.

Trust your judgment and trust how you feel. Let your insight and wisdom guide your actions. Understand that you are practicing so you will not always get everything right; the important thing is that you are practicing towards enlightenment. Be compassionate with yourself and keep working.

Keep it simple and keep working.