My Power Doesn’t Understand

I have a power that flows within me. It has been with me for as long as I can remember. My power is large and all encompassing. BUT my power doesn’t understand.

My power doesn’t understand that we cannot be who we need to be all of the time. We need to be quiet and invisible to survive in the world. We cannot do what we want all of the time because life is not about embracing your passion. My power doesn’t understand that this would be selfish.

My power wants to speak the truth but it doesn’t understand how embarrassing that this can be.

My power wants me to change my life and live bigger but it doesn’t understand that the world is a dangerous place.

My power wants me to live in the moment but it doesn’t understand that there is so much that needs planning.

My power wants me to create a strong family but does not realise that this takes time and energy and money and I’m busy just trying to survive.

My power wants me to give more, be more and live more but it doesn’t see that these things are impossible.

I fight and I argue, and I punish and I control, but my power won’t give in. Finally when I have given all the fight I can give I collapse in an exhausted heap and say to my power “fine, you think you can do a better job, fine, go for it. I’m done”. And so I give power back to my power. And a strange thing happens.

I discover;

My power is responsible!

My power cares for me as well as others!

My power nurtures me and soothes my aches and pains!

My power begins to establish new habits and routines that are not so hard after all!

My power faces me in the right direction and carries me to where I need to be when I am too tired to think for myself!

As I grow stronger, and healthier and wiser, I no longer feel embarrassed by my power. Instead I feel lifted up and embraced. I feel powerful in myself and I begin to understand that this is what my power wanted the whole time.

Now I can be myself and follow my passion. I can embrace and create a strong family and make a contribution to the world. I can dream bigger and no longer need to be completely invisible.

My power was right, but it never said “I told you so”.

Now my power and I are friends. We work together and we respect each other. Now I am never alone and it feels just right.

Sometimes I have a falling out with my power and life is still not perfect, but it is better, stronger, safer and happier. I am not everything, but strangely, I no longer feel that I need to be.

How do you get on with your power? How does your power want to help you? Are you prepared to listen?

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