Is a guiding principal we all seek it in some way but what is it exactly?

The key to Balance is to Combine and Blend things so that you do not have too much of one thing and not enough of the other.

Adventure – Without a passion for adventure, life can become very boring. Without adventure in our lives we are not really living. We stick to the same routines and say no to the world out of fear. On the other hand if we are too adventurous, we lack stability and commitment, we become too much of a risk taker and we do not consider our future needs or those of others. A little bit of adventure makes for a nicely balanced life.

Love – We all want to love and be loved but when our desire for love becomes an obsession we enter into a string of unfulfilled relationships all the time questioning what is wrong with us. Some of us put up walls protecting ourselves from being hurt and in the process shut ourselves off from love. Having a balance of giving and receiving love allows us to more fully enjoy the adventure of life.

Acceptance – things change. Nothing in life is forever and nothing in life stays the same. If we have acceptance then we are essentially inoculating ourselves from stress. This is not being passive or helpless or cynical, but understanding that there are some things that we can change and some things that we cannot change helps us to understand where our responsibilities lie. When we know what we are responsible for in life and what we are not responsible for we can more easily reduce stress from our lives.

Needs – when we understand what OUR needs are, not the needs of others, but when we can clearly distinguish what we need, then we can love more easily and accept more easily. When we have a clear boundary between ourselves and others we can move towards making ourselves happy and then sharing this happiness with others rather than relying on others to fulfill or complete us. By understanding and meeting our own needs we are better able to love and feel love from others.

Commitment Without commitment there is only fear and anxiety. Without commitment it is difficult to consistently achieve. It is only when we make a commitment to ourselves that we can truly respect others. Making a commitment, no matter what or who, it’s to say that you care enough to make positive changes. It means that you want to be here and that giving of yourself actually means something. This is an investment that will pay off in immeasurable ways.

Enjoyment life is not necessarily meant to be easy, but it is meant to be enjoyed. We are challenged a lot in life in every possible way and life can often feel overwhelming but by remembering that when you blend your adventurous spirit with your ability to love, when you accept yourself and others without judgment, when you respect your needs and the needs of others, when you commit to your responsibilities, and when you make time for enjoyment in most of what you do then you have BALANCE. And with this comes satisfaction, fulfilment and peace.

B BLEND – Do not be all or nothing; allow moderation into your world.
A – ADVENTURE – embrace your spirit of adventure! Take calculated risks and be bold and daring sometimes. Back yourself. You are worth it and being adventurous is exhilarating.
L – LOVE yourself and be kind to yourself. Love others unconditionally and give yourself the same allowance.
A – ACCEPTANCE – Accept yourself and others without judgement. Accept that life changes. When times are tough they will get better and when times are good it’s ok to savour it.
N – NEEDS. Make time to understand your needs and to understand the needs of others. Where possible seek to meet your own needs, and then where possible and appropriate, seek to meet the needs of others. Allow others the opportunity to meet some of your needs too.
C COMMITMENT – Make a commitment to your life and to the things that are important. Making a commitment is making an investment in yourself and your aspirations. When you say yes to your dreams your dreams come true.

E Enjoyment – Pay attention to the things that you enjoy in your life. If you are not enjoying yourself approximately 80% of your time then you might need to change your circumstances or your attitude.

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