Creating a family brings great blessings and great joy.  It creates an outward focus in the world and encourages change for the better. Those who would happily hide themselves away from the world, content not to be apart of it rather than change it, are now inspired to make the world a better place because their children will be out in it.

These peaceful people, who would rather remain passive, become great peaceful warriors for their children, shaping their worlds to include fairness, honesty, trust and good will; creating leaders with the confidence to dismantle the old systems that no longer serve us and creating great thinkers and compassionate hearts to rebuild something new and welcome.

Motherhood changes us.  It imprints on our hearts a message that we are more than just ourselves.  It reminds us that we need to get out more but it also makes those quiet introverted moments all the more sacred and sweet.

Motherhood gives us a strength that we never thought we had and a reason to get through the aches and pains of life.  It gives us purpose, a time of insulation and cocooning and a very definite time of growth, blossoming and emerging.  It compels us to look both inside and outside of ourselves and find a place that is both satisfying and uncomfortable.

Motherhood pushes us far outside our comfort zone as our beliefs begin to change, our assumptions and expectations dissolve and our own selves are reflected back at us through the eyes of our children.

No self development course or amount of self reflection or philosophy ever prepares you for life’s ultimate transformation and yet within it comes the most incredible moments.

Motherhood stretches and moulds us, sometimes tearing us apart in the process, but always lovingly putting us back together stronger, wiser and more whole in the process.

In motherhood we find no greater love.

Blessings to all mothers out there, you are noticed and you are vital.  Thank you for allowing yourselves to be transformed so that our world can become a greater place.

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