Children are believed to be the future, but they also represent the past.  They bring with them the knowledge, the experiences and the traits of many generations.

You must not seek to know your child completely as this is their task.  A daunting one at that without the complication of a parent who feels they know their child’s path.

All children carry with them the energy of potential; a wonderful gift full of all sorts of possibilities.

But children need to be children.  Children laugh and children cry, they bear the burden of growing physically, spiritually and emotionally, a task with many complications.

Children need to be children.  They do not need to be burdened with the knowledge of adults.

Take a child by the hand, nurture and protect them.  When they are fearful cradle them in your arms.  When they cry out in the night reassure them that their nightmares are not real.  Ask them to share their experiences but do not overly praise them for what they reveal.

When they ask a question give them a child’s answer.

Guide them to discover for themselves, but most of all reassure them when they cannot console themselves and do not plant the seed of fear.

Potential is a great power.  It can serve to inspire but it can also terrify.

Each child is born into this world with one desire and one purpose – to have the love and affection of their parents.

Tell them what they are to become and you are telling them that they are not already enough.

Tell them what they are to become and you take away their chance to dream and their opportunity to choose their own path.

How can a child become a great musician when they are afraid to play for fear of hitting the wrong note?

Believe in your children.    They are the future, but the future is of their making not ours.

Teach them as best you can that they are special and important but no more special or important than any other child.

Children are children.  They are not healers or magicians or professors.  These things will come later if, and only if they choose to accept them.

We need to be parents to our children because this is what they need us for more than ever.

Today’s children, like yesterday’s children, have a very special gift, the gift of innocence.  Let children grow up in a world of safety with parents who love them unconditionally, regardless of where they are living or what contact they have with them.

Share and embrace their spiritual gifts in a way that they can understand.

Encourage them to seek and encourage them to find.

There is always time.  Gifts will emerge quickly when the timing is right.

Encourage gently but resist the urge to push.

In childhood, time is eternal.  This is as it should be.

Embrace your children with unconditional love for their past, present and future.

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