Body Talk

The changes are accelerating and you are finding that wear and tear on the body is beginning to show. Our bodies are deteriorating and we are unsure how to regulate our bodily processes. Do not give up. Do not give up on yourself or your body. Sometimes it takes time for your bio feedback loop to start up. We want results now and we need that positive feedback from our bodies that we are on the right track. Hang in there and you will get all of the acknowledgement you require.

Starting something new takes commitment and your body is trying always to regulate itself. When faced with a change of circumstance it still goes into survival mode to start with until it has ascertained that the path you are taking is a good one. Give yourself time. Use the mind to encourage you. Set yourself realistic goals around good health behaviours and stick with them. Seek feedback from your body in terms of how you feel your energy levels and note any reduction in illness or reduction of pain. Know that many of you are dealing with chronic health conditions and that you need to be persistent with yourself.

You are all doing so well to think of your health and to help your body to adjust to the changes that are happening around you.

Many of you feel that you have a condition that is helpless or hopeless, that no matter what you do it is going to beat you. This is not the case. Your aim here is to enhance your quality of life and to adapt to the limitations that may be placed onto you. We have a tendency to look at what others are doing and feel bad that we do not have the same energy or good health to match them.

Stop comparing. We all have limitations but make the best use of yours. Do this by prioritizing. Having a chronic condition makes you more efficient at deciding what you will and won’t do. You may not have unlimited energy or time at your disposal but this makes you more confident in saying no to the activities and people that do not serve you.

Let’s all review our lives and find ourselves worthy. Let’s all have a look at what we have done in the past and what we want to do right now. No experience is ever wasted.

Some of us are living in pain that does not seem to go away. It wears us down and makes us question whether we are able to go on. In fact this is becoming more and more common. It’s time for us to get ourselves back on track. Gain a positive focus and control on our lives and make the lives that we have been given work for us.

We need to shift the focus to what we can do rather than what we can’t and call upon faith that the rest will take care of itself.

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