A Heart To Heart

The heart is the most efficient organ in the body. The body can survive without the brain but the brain cannot survive without the body. This is not a rivalry. The heart is the organ that has been a critical component of survival of the human species since humans came into being. The brain and it’s development came later. The heart was able to regulate bodily processes and decision make effectively even before the brain became conscious.

When the brain became conscious it decided to help the body out by taking over some of the functions of the heart. This worked very well. The brain became additional storage and working memory of the heart and co-ordinated sleep and emotion, balance and thought. The brain was an effective problem-solving machine.

Then as time went on the mind began to forget that the heart had things well under control and began to think that it had the responsibility for controlling everything. It got anxious and stressed to do a good job and was really concerned when it found things going on in the body that it did not understand and could not control.

It’s time again now for the heart and the body to work together. The heart is once again taking its place as the centre of the body with the mind playing a supportive and yet vital role in our evolution.

The mind gets easily distracted whereas the heart remains clear and consistent. The heart is a generous function but does not give to the detriment of itself. The mind on the other hand gives and gives until it has nothing left and the body is left to run in a compromised state because of this undifferentiated giving.

If you are out in the ocean in a motor boat and you see someone who is stranded. The mind would give them your motor, your oars, your life jackets and then the food and water you have in supply. It would do this with a generous spirit and without proper thought assuming that this was the definition of having a generous heart.
The heart on the other hand would efficiently supply the basics, i.e. a small portion of water and then send for help, thus solving the problem and remaining intact itself.

This is something that we have forgotten how to do. We have let the mind be so in control that it has become over loaded, overwhelmed and distracted and has begun to tear itself and consequently the body apart because it seems to have a problem that it cannot solve.

We are currently using medications to effectively slow the brain down and this is a wonderful thing in some cases because it is allowing us to hear our own thought process in slow motion and make corrections of unhelpful thoughts and beliefs. However, if we can help the mind to relax by getting it to share the workload with the heart again, then these medications will become less necessary.

The heart is constant. It is
clear. It is infinitely complex, yet its desires are simple. Your heart will always place your survival and safety first (your mind often doesn’t). The heart is generous, but where generosity is required. The heart is loving and fun as well as stern and serious where required. Take time out to communicate with your heart. You will find that you get constantly distracted but if you can persist a sense of calm will come over you.

Chaos is something that the heart does not feel. The heart is clear and protected from these concerns. Chaos is something that the mind experiences constantly however. The brain feels so busy that it thinks it needs a personal assistant to help it, little realising that this is what it is supposed to be for the heart. The heart says what it wants and the job of the brain is to organize it and make it happen.

The heart’s primary need is for survival and physical health, followed by food, shelter and clothing. Then the heart moves onto higher order needs of love, affection, social status, success and contribution to the whole.

Each of you will experience these needs differently but in essence they will always be the same. Knowing that you have a template to work towards can be very containing and can help you to uncover which bit you are working on now and what your heart needs help with.

By working with the heart and handing some of the responsibility back to the heart for decision making, the mind is free to be used for what it was originally designed for, a problem-solving and storage facility.

The heart does not get distracted. The heart has a primal blueprint and remembers very clearly and specifically the aims, goals and intentions of the body and the person. It feels calm and at peace when it is able to move towards these functions.

The human mind is distracted easily. It is a tool to be used for research, information gathering, ideas, thoughts and feelings. The brain processes the experiences of living but the further away from the present it gets the more stressed, anxious and depressed it gets.

The heart remains calm across all elements of time.

The mind is flighty. The mind takes the ideas of the heart and thinks on them so often and in so many ways that is eventually distorts them and pieces together the blueprint in the way it thinks it should go. The mind forgets to ask the heart for instructions and details on how to implement the plan. The brain forgets because it gets distracted.

” In order to reconnect with the plans of the heart, make a list of all the things that you would like to do or be. The mind will give you lots of options and details but look carefully at the theme running through your ideas. There will be ideas or feelings that have been persistent over time. Ideas that no matter how untenable or seemingly impossible you keep coming back to again and again. These are the true longings of the heart.

If we send the mind to work in fulfilling the aims of the heart then we do not need to do so much circling, we can meet our needs more quickly and in a more satisfied way and the mind can relax knowing that it has fulfilled the brief. Really all that is needed is a few more ‘body corporate’ meetings between the mind and the body, and ultimately the reassurance of the spirit who guides all of these processes quietly often in the background.

Understanding the true plans of the heart is freeing, uplifting and invigorating. The mind might have a bit of a freak out thinking that it is too hard to achieve, but once the mind is reassured that it has support and back up from the heart and spirit, it feels more confident in giving things a go.

” Practice breathing into your heart, focus on the breath reaching this magnificent organ. Knowing that with each and every breath you take that you are providing your body with more energy and attention. Use your mind to speak with your heart. Thank the heart for being there for you since you arrived on the planet and thank the heart for the information, guidance and support that it is now about to provide you.

Tell your heart about the plans you have and what you have been doing to achieve them. Tell your heart what fears you have about this project. Tell your heart what you most desire, and then, when you have finished all that you need to say; Pause and Listen.

Allow the heart to sort through all that you have presented and select the most important focus. Allow the heart to piece this puzzle together and show you what to do next. Allow the heart to set you straight and clarify your goals and intentions.

Remember it is at this point that you will often become distracted. Persist and listen. The mind will want to distract you, but the heart is clear and it will repeat the message as often as is needed. Keep asking and the heart will keep revealing.

When you feel that you have understood your heart’s message, thank the heart and make a commitment to communicate regularly. Bring your focus back to your breathing and feel your body balancing itself and slowly, when you are comfortable have a stretch and go about the rest of your day.

This exercise does not need to be long or complex. It may take only a few minutes. Sometimes it is useful to have a pen and paper ready to record what the heart reveals as you may find that you receive very practical steps to complete your goals.

Remember, your heart always represents you and your needs, not those of other people. You know that even if you do not like what the heart has to say, your heart always has your best interests ‘at heart’. Trust in this. Trust in your heart and your mind will give a sigh of relief and happily follow.

This is the beginning of a unity that leads to wonderful times ahead for all of us.

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