Dialogue With The Dark Shadow Self

I am the culmination of negative memory, of guilt and dishonour and all the feelings you repress and hide away.  I am the fight and the aggression, the dark cloud that follows you always looking for acknowledgement, looking for release.  I am your greatest potential drenched and blocked in fear.  I am the lesson, I am the emotions you wish to clear but I will never leave because in me is your greatest lesson.

What is the lesson?

That no matter how dark you feel, no matter how blocked or repressed you are, there always lives with in you a great light and a great potential.  The lesson is that I am not dark, I am your greatest light but you have pushed me away and covered me in as much dark as you could to hide my light, as who can refuse light?  You fear me not because of my darkness but because of my light.

The lesson is that I follow you because I am your shadow. I am part of you and in fact I am you.

When you acknowledge the dark messy parts of yourself and know that you are still OK, that you are still light, then we both shine and the darkness disappears.  You no longer fear your potential, you no longer feel pain and illness and sadness.  Instead you are compelled to nurture all of you.  You call back to you and accept your humanness and from this place of power you become truly divine.

We become great by accepting our self exactly as we are and then striving to create something bigger than our self.  This creative surge links us to the power that is greater than us but is us.

So embrace me, your shadow side, know that I am dark but I am not negative.  I know you better than anyone but I would never seek to harm you.  You are a part of me and I adore you.

I remain always with you through good times and bad. I hold the things you wish to forget and I do not blame you for this. If we work as a team we can be strong and positive and together we can change our world for the better.

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