Simplicity Leads to Good Health

Focus only on what is important. Nourish your body, mind and spirit with good food, positive thoughts and affirmative actions.

Make sure that you consider everything in terms of simplicity. What is the most simple way to think about this? What is the most simple way to put this together or set this up? What is the most simple way to explain this to somebody who is just starting out?

These simplicity based questions will give you quality in your answers without overtaxing your resources.

When you suffer from any sort of physical illness it is often because your mind has attempted to regulate your body rather than letting the body do it for itself. Get back in connection with your body’s needs and these things can sort themselves out.

What is the most simple way to do this?

Practice meditation. This allows the brain to relax and not feel that it has to be responsible for everything. You do not need to do this with others unless it is particularly convenient. Simply play a track that is soothing and visualise peace, calm and quiet. It is persistence that will compound these excellent effects.

I know that you are adding up the commitment level here but do not let these things overwhelm you. Implement them one at a time. If you walk an hour over the course of your day, you stretch for two half hour sessions a day and meditate for two half hour sessions a day it may seem like a lot but the benefits to your health, longevity and satisfaction are vast and they will make all your other endeavours come simply and easily.

When you begin to feel more energetic and vibrant and you see your health improving then you will be inspired to fuel your body with nourishing foods and this will not be a burden.

These are the foundations of good health and long life. If you choose to embrace the simplicity and make the time for these foundations over and above any other activity, then you will have plenty of space and calm to fulfill your purpose.

If you attempt to do this backwards, that is, work or fulfill your purpose first, then eventually the body breaks down and you end up where you feel you are today.


Simplify, simplify and simplify.

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