Making Things Better

We are all trying to solve the problems of others thinking that we know best, but we are all guided by our own personality styles and our own baggage and expectations. If we focus a little less on solving problems and a little more on making things better, we can make a bigger difference.

When we focus on what is wrong, we get stuck. We dwell on everything that has gone wrong in our lives and we seek only validation of how terrible our lives have been. We begin to define ourselves by the awfulness of life and measure our happiness in terms of how bad or not bad today was.

If we put our focus on how to make things better, we are free to acknowledge the past and validate it, but we are not stuck in it. We are free to set our brain to thinking about positive possibilities. Even if we cannot come up with a reasonable solution, it is a more pleasant way to go about it than to just get bogged down.

When you ask your brain to work to your advantage, your brain gets a bit excited. We really do not respect our brains enough or give them enough credit. Being creative is what they were born for, not just to calculate and remember boring things.

Working with your brain and with your personality, as well as with your body, there really is not anything that cannot be made more interesting, enjoyable or just plain better.

Give your brain a bit of workout today and see how it rewards you.

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