Less Fight, More Joy. Living An Authentic Life

I used to think that I had to conquer the world. In order to ‘make it’ or to be a success I needed to overcome challenges and beat my insecurities. I had to attack problems head on and fight my fears.

After suffering through many years of chronic illness including Ankylosing Spondylitis, several episodes mimicking stroke and three years of almost daily chronic atypical migraine, as well as more than enough personal and family trauma for one lifetime (I won’t go into all the gory details here), I have come to realise that all this fighting and attacking and beating and challenging has left me completely devoid of the energy I need to do what I am actually here to do i.e. To discover myself and enjoy the opportunity that being alive right now has given me.

Being a channel has placed a heavy burden upon me to be responsible and make the world a better place and I have shocked and surprised myself at how ungrateful I have been about this incredible gift. I have become an expert at leaving my body and communicating with energies that are not manifest in this world. I can travel into the past and view past lives (See Guided and Rose; my mother was a nun, as examples). I can transcribe esoteric wisdom, and where appropriate my words and energy can effect significant healing. I am a fully qualified Psychologist and my training in understanding the human mind and behaviour have given me the opportunity to work supportively with those who are suffering or in need of some coaching.

What I am not good at however is being in this body and concentrating my energies into my own health. I have difficulty running and managing my home efficiently and getting things done. I can understand my children’s life purposes and view their contracts but I’m not always good at slowing down enough to play and laugh and have fun.

Thankfully through my work with my Angels and Guides and my circumstances I am once again reminded that we are here to learn about ourselves and we are given multiple opportunities to do it. Some of them pleasant and some of them not so much. Our job is not even to change the world because the world is here to develop us on a personal level. The circumstances are irrelevant. It is only our attitude that counts. This is the one thing that we can change instantly.

Changing your attitude does not always change your circumstances but it makes every circumstance easier to manage. When we train our eyes and our attention on what still needs to be done then we will always be seeing responsibility.

Try instead to put an object of joy in each room so that every time you enter the room you train your eyes on beauty and joy rather than obligation or responsibility.

Bring your home back to life. Long standing negativity, irritation and disappointment is enough to transform any space into one that drains energy rather than gives energy. Set your intention to activate your home again and set it to joy.

As an Angelic style personality I have always thought that love was the highest priority but I have realised that love and joy are completely separate concepts. It is possible to love someone who does not bring you joy, just as it is possible to feel joy in a place that you do not love (Prison for example). Love comes with responsibilities while joy does not. When you can find joy in yourself and those around you, when you can find joy in your environment and in your work, you lift your energy to a whole new level, and set yourself free. This joy activates joy in others all without any burden or responsibility.

I have realised that I have taken my life for granted. Always complaining about what still needs to be done and judging what I have done so far but never being satisfied.

Dissatisfaction is a great motivator for change but put into overdrive it drains energy, corrupts your thought world and leads to health conditions.

Being grateful and appreciative of all that I have and all that I have been given really helps to heal my mind and my physical body. Being content wherever you are and whatever your circumstances doesn’t mean that you do not strive to be the best you can be, but it certainly takes the pressure off and allows you to stop picking on yourself.

At the end of the day it is not the circumstances that determine the quality of our life, it is the way we view the world. Stop fighting the world and start appreciating it, the good, the bad, and the ugly and instead of trying to control your life, embrace the ups and downs. Appreciate and respect yourself for what you have already experienced and take small steps to enjoy the beauty and joy that is there for the taking.

Action steps.

  1. Remind yourself that you are amazing already not for what you have done or not done but because of who you are. Perfect, whole and complete even in your human-ness.
  1. Find something that you love about each room in your home, school, office, etc and then focus on this each time you enter the room. It might be an object such as a candle, a flower, a picture or it may be a thought. The object is not important more the joy that it represents. Take a moment to feel good as you meditate on each object or joyful thought.
  1. Write the word Joy on your drinking glass or drink bottle and then drink it in.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that it wasn’t too personal. Up until this point I have tried very hard to keep this information mainstream and not to talk about the Psychic abilities that have gotten us through some very difficult times but I am beginning to see that so many others are going through tough times and if the Angels and Guides can be of assistance to you then I owe it to you all to be honest and frank about who I am, what I have experienced and how I have used my abilities to make life better so that maybe you can experience a similar level of love and support in your own life. It is only when complete authenticity is demonstrated despite the fear it can invoke, that the body can heal, the mind can rest and the spirit can thrive.

God bless you all as you discover and demonstrate your own authenticity.

In Love and Light


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