What you do right now, in this moment, today, will always have more power than anything that you are ‘going’ to do in the future. When you change your behaviour and take action, no matter how small, it counts.

‘Today I took my daughter to the pool’ is always more powerful than ‘I’ve decided that I am going to take my daughter to the pool every day’.

No matter whether you ever take her again, she will always have the experience that you provided today, in this moment.

So often we decide not to connect with our children because we are not going to always be able to do it.

We say ‘I better not get them used to breast feeding because I have to go back to work’. We say ‘I’d better not soothe my baby with a dummy as I will have to wean her off it one day’. ‘I better not hold my baby too much as they will begin to expect it’.

‘I better not attach to my baby as they will have trouble going to child care’.

‘I better not connect to my child because one day they will have to grow up and I won’t be around’.

But can you see how each of these decisions mean that time and time again your child is missing out on the most important person in their life? You.

Every time you hold yourself back because you fear that one day you will lose them, or that you will not be there, you are dying to your child over and over again.

Of course they will grow up, of course they will need to become independent one day, but for now, just for today, what if we hold, and love, and tend to, and care for, and soothe our babies? Just for now, what if we enjoy this precious moment that is gone soon enough without us cutting it short because we have things to do?

When our children are growing they will also have ‘things to do’ but hopefully they will have learned by your example that there is always time to stop and connect and appreciate your family.

At the end of the day isn’t that what counts more than what your money or other people can provide?

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