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In times gone by we were born and we set out into the world of work.  Our circumstances may have been changeable but our roles were clear. Cleaners cleaned, cooks cooked, women nurtured and men provided.  Life was hard but it was clear, relatively stable and it was relatively straight forward.

Communication was clear, expectations established, and relationships were structured. People knew what to do and when and how to do it.  People still broke the rules and rebelled but they knew that they were doing it and why. People were not always happy but they were clear.

Fast forward to the present day;  We have so many options and we call these options equality but in doing so we have created a world that is in need of new rules, new agreements and new understandings but as yet we are unsure as to who should be writing these rules or indeed typing, texting or tweeting them.

These days we are, in some cases, doubling our life expectancy and with this comes a necessary stretching of life phases.

We are no longer having children at puberty, we no longer marry out of obligation and we no longer move into the work force as a matter of course.

We are in such an age of choice that we are at risk of stagnation. We wait for the perfect option and we are disappointed to find that despite our best efforts we are not always able to have it all.

We have lost clarity and focus and our bodies and minds have become so out of balance that we consider illness and frailty as part of the norm.

We have lost sight of where we want to head as a community and as a collective. We find ourselves struggling as to where we want to head on even an individual basis.

Our minds are so consumed with little choices e.g. what type of coffee, how many sugars, what bread, what cheese, what toppings, that by the time we fulfil our basic needs for food, water and shelter we are too exhausted to think about anything else.

We are moving faster and faster and getting more and more things, technologies and opportunities but we are failing to set ourselves any meaningful direction.

When we slow down we get anxious and rather than beginning to think about what is causing that nagging feeling in our stomach we self medicate with pills, drugs, alcohol, food or shopping or sleep and push on, all the time wondering is there something I’m forgetting?…

Now is the time to stop, to take a breather and to actually let these thoughts and feelings come to the surface.

You have not failed; you have not missed out, wasted your life or fallen behind.  You have been, up until now, on auto pilot thinking that this would make life easier but discovering that every day life is getting harder and harder.

If you are now reading this website, congratulations, you have chosen for a few minutes at least, to stop the world from frantically spinning and regain a sense of purpose and perspective.

You may find some of the ideas fascinate you more than others and this if perfectly fine. Pick and choose the ideas that intrigue you the most and give yourself permission to let go of the others.

By taking the time to see the world through a different perspective you may find your self smiling more or at the very least frowning less.

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