Based on a past-life experience from World War II, Guided explores the timeless quest for life’s true meaning, especially when faced with loss and fear.

Product Description

She is just a child of ten or eleven when the soldiers come. Before then, her world was one of blissful days spent on her family’s land, working the fields and tending to the garden. But her life changes forever on the night her mother wakes her in the cold, dark hours before dawn and hands her over to a stranger in a truck, with tearful promises to meet her once it is safe.

That is the last time she ever sees her mother alive. While in settling into her new life in a crowded house, the young girl receives a vision that leads her to safety and tells her to seek a religious life. She makes her way to an abbey and pursues her unexpected new calling. There, she learns that in times of war, safety and happiness are not necessarily the same. But just as she had trusted her mother, she trusts her angels to keep her safe.