Creating Harmonious Relationships Using Personality Realms Workshop

Join Ruth Keatley, a Registered Nurse and co-founder of Live Learn & Grow, as she introduces you to a model of personality that is fun, interesting, entertaining and easy to immediately apply. Learn more about whether you are an Angelic, an Elemental, a Star Person or a Dragon and how to use this information to understand yourself and others to improve your relationships in work and business, with clients, love relationships, children and your family of origin.

Certificate of attendance will be provided and you may be eligible for professional development points for your profession.

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Having recently completed ‘Creating harmonious relationships using the realm personality style/tool and Realms in Business workshops’, I have found both not only interesting but extremely helpful in my business. Marketing to your ideal client is not always easy, but when you know the ‘wants and needs’ of different personality types, frame working your products and/or services becomes a little easier. Marketing to the right person and servicing the people who need what you have to offer is paramount to operating a successful business. I highly recommend both these workshops – not only are they informative but also the information you gain can be implemented immediately in your day-to-day living and in your working life. A definite asset to your business planning toolbox of skills and knowledge.”
– Marita Reynolds Chi Reflexologist, Reiki Master and Meditation for Life teacher, Author & Teacher of Better Business Blueprint eBooks (Introduction to Small Business and Grow Your Business series)

Realms In Business Workshop

Join Ruth Keatley, Registered Nurse and Co-founder of Live, Learn and Grow as she presents Realms in Business. This workshop expands on the knowledge you have learned in the Creating Harmonious Relationships using Personality Realms workshop. It is perfect for anyone who is already in business or who is considering starting their own business or private practice. The information is fun, valuable and easy to apply immediately. Use what you learn in this workshop to:
  • Increase your confidence
  • Understand your consumers and clients
  • Define and enjoy a level of success that you are comfortable with
  • Improve the way you help others to find out about your business without feeling out of your comfort zone
  • Make more money whilst maintaining your personal integrity

If you want to keep life simple and be successful without jumping through too many hoops then this workshop will show you how.

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