The Druid Boy Cover

The Druid Boy

Once upon a time, there was a boy who was connected to everything. He was in tune with every breath that the Earth made. He was in tune with the seasons and aware of the weather. He understood the stars. He could communicate with the animals.

He was only six years old, but already he was brimming with a quiet wisdom. The world he lived in however, was very different. It was full of stress, pressure, illness and allergies. His parents were busy, distracted and exhausted. The rest of the world was fast-paced and competitive.

The druid boy faced a challenge, for his own sake – could he inspire them to change before they all completely broke? Or would he just inevitably become “one of them”?

The Druid Boy offers insight into today’s modern world and the impact it is having on our children, and more importantly, the effect it is having on us. Interwoven are helpful strategies along the way on how to slow down, reduce stress, and live a more enjoyable, connected life.

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