Rose Cover

Rose – My Mother Was A Nun

Seventeen-year-old Rose is on a search for identity and transformation as she attempts to come to terms with the death of her mother: a nun—her hero—and light of her life. Rose, who has already lived a challenging existence, is anxious to make sense of her life.

As Rose begins to retrace her roots, she discovers more about her mother’s identity and the horrendous circumstances that brought her to the abbey and her mother. While reminiscing with the help of her mother’s journal, a caring minister, and her own memories, Rose bravely explores her shadowy past that includes an escape from the orphanage, physical and sexual abuse, and a downward spiral that ends in a desperate act and the life-changing realization that she is the only one who controls her destiny. With the goal of restoring her life, Rose slowly begins to build a new future filled with love, hope, and dreams.

In this powerful and inspirational tale, a teenager searching for identity and transformation following the death of her mother embarks on a deeply personal journey through her painful past to discover forgiveness, healing, and empowerment.

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