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Live Learn & Grow is a psychology and personal development service based in Melbourne, Australia. Established in 2004 by Gemma Keatley (Registered Psychologist) and Ruth Keatley (Registered Nurse), Live Learn & Grow aims to provide information to help you understand yourself better and how you fit into the world.

In times of chaos and stress we could all use a bit of containment and reassurance and the aim of this website is to provide information that is positive, empowering and to help you feel safe in your world.

Gemma Keatley-Ali


Gemma is a psychologist and a mother of three young children. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Gemma is passionate about helping others to feel good about themselves and live a more meaningful and satisfying life.


Ruth Keatley


Ruth is a a Registered Nurse and mother of four grown children, as well as a growing number of grand-children. She lives in Melbourne, Australia. Ruth runs workshops and facilitates groups as well as working in the area of Early Parenting. Ruth is passionate about helping Mums to feel confident in their ability to parent.

The Live Learn & Grow Logo

The Live Learn and Grow shell represents the dignity and the right of people to shelter within themselves and emerge when they are ready. It allows them solitude and time for personal reflection. It acknowledges that their journey may take as long or as little as it takes and that there is no judgment about this.
The shell also represents a home that is permanent but that can be outgrown and upgraded as the need arises.
The shell, as a living energy, can regenerate and strengthen over time and also contains the double helix of DNA within its design.
Shells represent the inner core of being that can only be accessed by quiet reflection.

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